The NHS Goes Green with Enphase Microinverters.

Enphase the nhs goes green


Multiple pitch roofs with considerable shading. Maximised production without interfering with the aesthetics of the buildings.


The 7th generation Enphase IQ7 offers the highest performance microinverter on the market with unprecedented “ALL AC” safety.


Highest performance production that minimises shading with the safest “ALL AC” solution possible.

The NHS choose safety, performance and aesthetics.

Enphase supplied the Enphase 7th generation IQ 7 microinverter to equip the NHS Trust  headquarters.

The installed system produces nearly 40 per cent more than the original prediction – almost 600kw/h in one week. Saving the equivalent Co2 as planting 11 trees, that’s the same as running a typical fridge for almost five months for free.

The Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust asked an experienced solar photovoltaic expert to provide a comprehensive solar PV project that suited their needs namely safety, performance and aesthetics given that they are based in and Area of Outstanding national beauty. The solution put forward the ideal solution offering all AC safety and the highest production possible despite considerable shading.


Client: NHS Trust
Location : The Oast Hermitage Court, near to the Kent Downs AONB is home to one of the highest points in the south east on the Sevenoaks Greensand ridge, not to mention the famous heritage coasts.
System Size: 16.5kWp
Modules: JA Solar 280W panels
Microinverters: Enphase IQ7 microinverters x 60
Monitoring: Envoy-S metered communications gateway

Two environmentally friendly upgrades have been installed at the Oast.
The first project was to mount solar panels and microinverters on to the roof of the building.

The NHS approached their landlords the Gallagher Group to help find a solution that was safe, performs well and looks good, given that the Oast is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The solar solution including Enphase micro-inverters offers the highest solar production possible despite considerable shade at the Oast.

“The all AC solar solution is performing amazingly well and have over-generated by nearly 40 per cent more than the original predic- tion – almost 600kw/h in one week.” Anna Hinde, Communications officer, NHS Trust

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