off grid solar
off grid solar
off grid solar
off grid solar

Use your solar array as a foundation to removing your dependance on the grid completely.

Renewable energy plays a massive part in the future of off grid dependance and possibly the only part depending upon your political and green stance. However the problem with renewables is that of intermittence. The only cure to this is solar battery storage and it’s happening now on both large (grid) and small (residential) scale.

Off Grid Solar Systems

The technology required is available now and costs have reduced dramatically in recent years. It is now possible to use your solar array with a energy storage system to reduce your dependancy on the grid to zero. The technology and implementation allows for a reduction in bills and huge carbon emission saving.

A typical home solar array produces up to 4000 Kwh of energy a year which is only a little below the average home’s consumption. However we live busy working lives and most of the solar production goes unused by its owners. You are producing your own clean energy but don’t get to use it. The transition to battery storage is a obvious natural next step.

The Solar People are an independant company free from any commercial tie in. As such we can offer best advise dependant upon your personal situation. Sound technical advise is paramount and we work with small residential to large scale off grid systems suitable for agricultural or commercial use.

We are accredited to install systems such as Victron, Sofar Solar, SolaX, PowerVault, LG, Enphase to name a few.

Solar batteries are designed to maximise your solar energy production meaning you can use free electricity even at night. This gives you the opportunity to maximise the returns from your solar panels and substantially reduce your dependance on the grid. We supply and fit only the top brand names in the field with a wide range of capacities that will suit every household demand. Every home and need is different just like battery storage systems.

Our surveyors will asses your need and recommend a system specifically for you. Be more self sufficient with a Solar Battery Storage System. Our battery storage systems are safe, very reliable, and provide the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar customers and retrofit customers.

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    How easy is it to go off grid?

    Lindsay shows you just how easy it is. Obviuosly this is not a system capable of running a avarage domestic dwelling but the theory is the same, only larger.

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