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Just £25 deposit. Balance due when installed and your are happy. LuxPower & GreenLinx is the UK’s first battery system to benefit from High Power Density Lithium Cells. The highest charge & discharge rates from a single battery With 100% DOD! Prices are for full supply and installation.

LuxPower Squirrel 7.2Kw charge / discharge rate also available. Call for best prices.

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Solar PV Battery Storage System - Increase the self consumption from your solar panels from 30% to 80% ++

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The Solar People offer solar PV and battery storage system packages at a one time only special offer discounted prices.

SPECIAL OFFERS will be sold on a first come, first served basis, while stocks last.

  • All Special Offer Solar PV prices are Installed prices and based on a standard one or two storey property with no obstructions to roof access, with single roof design.
  • Properties that are three storey and above/large or oversize conservatories/obstructions to the roof area, that require extra scaffolding is priced at cost, all quotations are supplied before commencement and is paid upon completion.
  • Properties that require multiple roof designs and installation, would have a standard extra roof charge applied.
  • Prices include all standard roof tile types but does NOT include rosemary tile or slate tile.
  • Installations on rosemary or slate roofs that require extra materials are charged at a standard rate of £18.50 per panel.

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