The Solis Battery Storage system is here.

From the market leader in inverter technology. A brand you can trust with 1st class UK customer service.

solis ac charger
Solis RAI-3K-48ES

The Solis battery storage system has been designed by a world leading research and development team comprising of professors and specialists from 8 countries. Solis inverters are praised by installers and customers all over the world due to the high quality and reliability with such features as ultra wide input voltage, precise MPPT algorithms, and Max. efficiency over 97%. This makes the Ginlong brand one of the best performance / cost inverters in the world.

The Solis inverter is a great choice for integrated storage solutions. Works with any solar PV system.
1. Higher incomes: select the electricity consumption mode in real time according to the market price.
2. High independence: can be operated in the event of a power cut.
3. Higher efficiency: new components provide higher efficiency.
4. Scaleable: from 2.4Kwh to 19.2Kwh using Pylontech US2000 and US3000 batteries.

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