Solar Farms

We specialise in the development large-scale solar energy generation known as ’solar farms’. Rural businesses and landowners are under constant pressure to diversify in order to develop long-term sustainable income streams. Security of the core business can be guaranteed by reaping the rewards offered large-scale solar power.

We have a proven track record of working with land owners to turn poor grade or low income yielding land into a secure annual income stream from a solar farm project. The development team strive to maximise a full range of additional benefits to the land owner such as increased biodiversity, cropping and dual land use by encouraging grazing sheep and small livestock. The solar farm itself only occupies about 40% of the land so it is important that solar farm and surrounding land is responsibly run through an effective land management plan.

A typical 5MW solar farm requires 25 acres of land and will take approximately 12 weeks to construct. We enter into a long term option to lease agreement, usually 25 years with the land owner. Once the agreement is signed and the finance secured construction can commence. Rental is normally paid quarterly in arrears once the agreement is signed.

Our sales and marketing team are regularly contacting new land owners to identify new 20+ acre sites. These must not be in areas of designated land quality e.g. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Areas of Special Landscape Value nor be in a flood risk area. Ideally the land is relatively flat or south facing and is well hidden from residential areas or Ancient Monuments. Our in-house experts manage the entire process from initial site selection thorough the grid and planning applications to development, build and commissioning which is all fully financed by ourselves and our partner investor.

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