Rooftop Solar

Solar is the fastest-growing source of energy in the UK. We specialise in working with individuals and businesses to turn un-utilised roof space into an asset that generates independent sustainable solar electricity. This has the benefit of reducing overheads, cutting costs and reduce carbon emissions. We have worked with numerous business owners supporting them to substantially reduce electricity bills thereby saving thousands of pounds a year.

Once a project is live the commercial team handle the entire process, from the initial site survey to submitting the grid application and then through to the installation and commissioning with minimal interference in the running of the business.

Working with our strategic investment partners we offer a customised solution to meet the individual business needs. Many opt for a free-fit system where the roof space is leased and a solar system is installed at no cost to the customer. The investment partner funds the project and sells the electricity generated to the grid. In return the cost of the electricity used is fixed through a Power Purchase Agreement thereby generating substantial long term savings. Many larger businesses prefer to purchase a fully installed system outright thereby banking all the savings and reducing their carbon footprint. Finance packages can also be made available.

We have installed systems ranging from 20KW to 1MW across the UK allowing the owners of commercial buildings to take full advantage of their flat and south-facing roofs. This permits them to take control over the electricity bills and deliver daytime electricity cost savings of up to 60%.

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