solar ppa little thetford school

Little Thetford School

Little Thetford Church of England Primary School, Cambridge, is set to save £1,000’s in electricity costs over the next 30 years after the recent installation of 111 solar panels. The installation is believed to be one of the largest solar arrays on a primary school in the local area. Money saved on electricity bills will be a valuable saving at a time when school budgets are being squeezed. The school also plan to use the solar panels to teach pupils about renewable energy and to create real data for learning in different subjects.

Jonny Wallace, Headteacher at the school, said: “We plan to use the panels for educational projects and try to involve the older children in recording the amount of electricity generated.”

“Renewable energy is an important part of modern life and how our carbon footprint is being reduced and pollution around the world is a major issue and is something we would like our children to become increasingly aware of.”

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