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Gover Park

Located near Mount Hawke in rural Cornwall Gover Park solar farm comprises four fields totalling 44 acres and accommodates an 8MW solar capacity. Working to fit within the normal farming cycle the site was built in a matter of 12 weeks and started to generate enough power to supply about 6,000 homes in September 2014. It also generates an annual CO2 saving of 3,440 tonnes.

In consultation with the planners at Cornwall County Council the northern end of the site was reduced to protect and enhance the wildlife and ecology in the surrounding woodland. Further, a wide ecology buffer zone was created, as well as additional planting sympathetic to the local ecology designed to screen the site from the St. Agnes beacon

Land owner Oliver Sawle commented “There were many challenges to overcome but I was always kept fully in the loop. Further the local community had benefited as a fund was established and shared between St. Agnes parish council and the local school”.

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