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Denton Cricket Club

Founded in 1824 Denton Cricket Club, the fifth oldest cricket club in the UK, has a proud history, but now the future is secured after they rented out the clubhouse roof space for a 117 panel solar array. Investors are ensuring they pay no more than 6p per kilowatt hour for their electricity, savings over 25 years will be more than a quarter-of-a-million pounds.

Club secretary and treasurer John Foxall, a mean batsman back in his day, comments ‘though we’ve had a great past, we are always looking to the future. We have three senior teams playing in the Lancashire County League, five junior teams, one football team, two pool teams and two darts teams. Utility bills can close clubs and the overheads to run this place are enormous so fixing the price now is great for the club moving forward. The saving helps secure the future of the club.’

Arthur Bell said ‘It’s a no-brainer for sports clubs and for businesses – we can ensure they fix their electricity bill and the free fit systems can save them a fortune over the lifetime of the deal. We are doing similar deals for scores and scores of small businesses and medium sized firms and even household names can see a return on their bottom line by fitting panels.’

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