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Bowland High School

A FORWARD-THINKING school is set to save more than £400,000 in electricity costs over the next 30 years after the installation of 360 solar panels.

Bowland High School in Clitheroe is believed to have the largest solar array on a school in Lancashire.

The 360 panels will save over £20,000 over the next seven years – then a whopping £17,000 every year thereafter.

Money saved on electricity bills will be spent on other activities for the school’s 565 pupils.

The school also plan to use the solar panels to teach pupils about renewable energy and to create real data for science, geography, technology and maths projects.

Paul Atkinson, School Business Manager at Bowland High School, said: “We will use the panels for educational projects and they will form part of projects around the school.

“Renewable energy is an important part of modern life and how our carbon footprint is being reduced and pollution around the world is a major issue and is something our students frequently debate.

“The solar panels will allow us to do some fascinating projects, using real data for science, geography, technology and maths from the electricity generated on site.”

Mr Atkinson added: “The money saved on utilities can go into other school activities.” 

“One thing everyone knows is the price of electric will carry on going up, so fixing the price now is great for Bowland High School moving forward.

“We were also keen to do something about reducing our carbon footprint and people need to think about that more and more.

“I would recommend GE-I to anyone – it was absolutely no trouble to have them on site.”

GE-I – also install solar panels on businesses and medium-sized firms.

CEO Arthur Bell, a former technology teacher, said: “These solar arrays are fantastic for educational establishments, but also brilliant for ordinary businesses.

“On top of all that it’s helping to save the planet by reducing the carbon footprint of the businesses involved. And this will become more and more important as the Government introduces more so-called green taxes.”

Mr Bell added: “The sustainability message is integral.  We must all be part of ensuring future generations can meet their own needs and disseminating this via schools and academies is fantastic. 

“The Government is looking to almost double the cost of Carbon Credits to businesses from 2020, this means that the wise companies and even educational establishments like Bowland High School are making their own investment into renewable energy right now.

“Currently ‘listed’ companies have to report their Carbon usage, but this is strongly thought to soon be expanded to companies with over 100 employees and then onwards as our Government works tirelessly on reducing our carbon footprint.”

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