Solar Power Purchase Agreement – PPA

Would a business owner jump at the chance to fix their transport or employment costs for the next 25 years? Of course they would. So, why not their energy costs?

We partner with some of the best energy efficiency asset investors in the UK that can offer you a free, fully maintained system through an attractive Solar power purchase agreement for 25 years.

During this period the electricity generated by the PV system is purchased from the investor at a cheaper rate than your existing energy supplier. Greater savings are achieved year on year due to better price inflation than that of the energy market. A Solar PPA gives you long term control over your P&L costs and improved eco credentials.

A PPA makes perfect business sense and is set up to mutually benefit both you and the investor;

The Benefits of Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Free solar PV system – the system is fully funded and costs you nothing.

Guaranteed savings on energy bills – electricity generated by the PV system is then purchased back from the investor at a rate cheaper than your current energy provider.

No maintenance costs – the system will have an ongoing operation and maintenance contract at no cost to yourself.

Long term budget control – the unit price you pay for electricity generated by the system will be fixed for the term of the agreement, allowing you to budget better for the future.

Zero cost green credentials – a no cost route to improving your company’s CSR, enhancing relations with eco conscious suppliers and customers.

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