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We value your feed back and want to assist new customers get the facts about Social Energy.

We want customers to post their Social Energy reviews of their experience regardless of who installed the system.

There are many conflicting reviews of Social Energy out there on the web and it is our belief that the vast majority of negative reviews should be aimed that the installer not Social Energy. Many people are confused about the relationship between Social Energy and the installer. Let’s see if we can get some comments from real customers to help clear this situation up.

Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible. We are particularly interested in the following;

  • Was your system installed with new solar panels or retro fit.
  • Which battery system you had installed.
  • Where in the country you live (just approximate is fine).
  • How long the system has been installed.
  • How you rate the customer service from your installer.
  • How you rate the customer service from Social Energy.
  • We would also like to know if you are / were aware that Social Energy is a separate company to the company that installed your system.
  • Have you had any issues with your installed system?
  • Would you recommend your installer or Social Energy.
  • Any other comments would be welcomed.
  • The Solar People (Light Group Holdings Ltd) are an authorised installer of battery storage systems that are compatible with the Social Energy network

    Official Social Energy web page

social energy reviews
social energy reviews
solar panel battery storage - social energy reviews
Social Energy

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