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LIVOLTEK Battery Storage – AC-coupled
Retro Fit Single Phase
3.0Kw / 3.68Kw / 4.6Kw / 5.0Kw

Livoltek inverter

The LIVOLTEK Retro fit series battery inverter is a cost-efficient solution to upgrade any existing solar PV system by adding a battery storage system.
This battery-based inverter allows you to store the surplus power to maximize self-consumption and protects you from rising electricity costs to achieve both grid-tied benefits and off-grid independence.
Along with its ability to address the large retrofit market of existing PV systems, it also makes innovative residential storage solutions available for homes without solar-powered, ensuring energy flexibility and uninterruptible power supply to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators.
The inverter is full of sophisticated features and yet is as quick as it is easy to put into operation thanks to its pre-wired communication cables and plug & play connectors.

Add To Existing PV Systems

By simply installing a Livoltek AC coupled energy storage you could retrofit your existing on-grid solar system to a solar energy storage system without changing your current installation. It can synchronize with grid tie inverter to support loads and increase the overall inverter capacity. So if you have a 5 kW solar inverter and a 5 kW battery inverter, your total output would be 10 kW. You may also get the added benefit of an emergency power supply, increasing the solar self-consumption rate, and reduce your energy bill.

Maximize Your Solar Investment

By adding Livoltek batteries, the energy produced by your solar panel system will directly power your home and reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from your utility. You can store the surplus solar energy for use when the sun goes down. Alongside this, you can take advantage of other battery benefits like buying cheap off-peak electricity to use during peak hours. It can also automatically switch to work completely off-grid to provide instant emergency backup power to your key appliances and let you live life as usual during grid failures and utility company shutoffs.

Keep An Eye On Your Power

The intelligent monitoring system allows you to manage your solar system from anywhere in the world with 24/7 mobile monitoring. You can view the battery status, the power production, and self-consumption data exactly where power is flowing through your home in real-time or set your preferences to optimize for energy independence.

How the Livoltek Smart APP Work?

Local access to a device for easy setup via Bluetooth connection.

World-wide access for monitoring via the Internet.


Centralized control and Remote O&M.


Excellent management capability with real-time sites’ KPI data.

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