The HIES vision is to transform consumer protection by respecting, protecting and educating consumers. A vision which is shared by our new brand ambassador, George Clarke

HIES strongly believe that no consumer should ever be left disadvantaged and we strive to ensure every consumer is fully protected before, during and after their installations.

We achieve this by providing free deposit protection and free stage payment protection, free insurance backed guarantees, free mediation services and free access to an Ombudsman, in the unlikely event we are unable to help resolve a dispute.

“I am working with HIES to ensure that consumers are respected, protected and educated on their home improvement journey.” George Clarke


HIES is a consumer protection organisation covering the installation of renewable energy and home energy efficiency products. By respecting, protecting and educating consumers our aim is to transform consumer protection within the home energy market.

How does the HIES Scheme protect consumers?

All prospective members must endure a rigorous accreditation process before they can join our trusted network of installers. Once approved, they will be subject to annual vetting to ensure they are adhering to our scheme rules and code of practice.

In addition to free deposit protection, free stage payment protection and free insurance backed guarantees, consumers using a HIES accredited member can benefit from our robust, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved alternative dispute resolution service, thus ensuring they are protected at every step of their customer journey.

How did HIES start?

We’ve come a long way since our inception in March 2012 and the timeline below highlights some of our key milestones, including when HIES became a Consumer Code in July 2015 and becoming approved as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Authority by CTSI in August 2018.

Every customer using a HIES accredited Installer receives:

  • Free quotes from Fully Vetted Installers
  • Free Advice Line- 0844-324-5242
  • Free Deposit Protection
  • Free Comprehensive Guarantee
  • Free Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Free Use of Inspectors, Mediators and The Ombudsman
  • Free Access to Compensation Fund to honour Ombudsman awards.
  • HIES provides a free service to investigate any complaints. This includes: free mediation, free independent inspections, free arbitration and a Compensation Fund to honour awards made by the Ombudsman.
  • HIES gives customers comprehensive protection.

Benefits to you:

  • Fully Vetted and Accredited Installers
  • Free Advice Line
  • Free Deposit Protection
  • Free Stage Payment Protection
  • Free Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Free Mediation to help fully resolve any disputes
  • Free Independent Inspections
  • Free Arbitration to provide a legally binding, enforceable resolution
  • Free access to Ombudsman to conclude disputes without incurring legal fees or costs
  • Free access to Compensation Fund (o honour all Ombudsman Awards

For more information go to HIES web site and see our Reviews page

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