The Solar People & Green Homes Grant

The Solar People are approved to install Air Source Heat Pumps and enable customers to take advantage of the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

Announced in July 2020, the Green Homes Grant is the latest government funded scheme to make going green as easy as possible.

The scheme enables home owners to access from £5,000 to £10,000 of the Renewable Heat Incentive upfront reducing the initial capital required to go green.

The government will pay up to two-thirds of the costs of energy efficient home improvements such as heat pumps and insulation.

The scheme is a first come first served basis and installation have to be completed by March 2021. Contact us now for assistance securing your Green Homes Grant Voucher.

What does the Green Homes Grant Cover?

If you’re looking to reduce carbon emissions and cut your heating bills then the Green Homes Grant can help you do it. Under the scheme you will be able to apply for a voucher that can be used used to pay for at least two-thirds of the cost of ‘primary’ energy efficient measures such as:

• Air source heat pumps
• Ground source heat pumps
• Solar thermal panels
• Insulation – either solid wall, cavity wall or roof insulation

For example, if you wanted to fit a heat pump worth £10,000 in your home, the government would give you a voucher of £5,000 and you would pay the remaining £5,000. You can also receive additional funding through the popular Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which means in real terms the installation might not cost you a penny.

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