Evo Energy Solutions Scam

evo energy solutions scam

New style unsolicited letters have been distributed from EVO Energy Solutions offering “free Solar PV and system checks”.

Back in November 2019 the MCS (micro generation certificate scheme) warned of similar letters that were being circulated. These letters were targeting consumers with Solar PV systems. These previous letters from EVO Energy Solutions have offered “free MOT and services” on Solar PV systems and warning of “the expiry of solar panel warranty”.
The letters have stark similarities to others that we have warned of previously; linked to the ‘British Trading Solar Association’ (BTSA), ESE Consultants Limited and ESE Services. Gary Fredson currently is, or has been, associated with these companies, with one of his companies ESE Services having been found to be in breach of the Trading Standards-backed Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC).
Linked to this, earlier this year The Daily Mirror newspaper conducted their own investigation of BTSA and Gary Fredson, warning consumers of junk mail that could trick you into making unnecessary payments.
If you receive unsolicited letters from companies offering services for your solar panels, we advise you to either ignore the letter completely or, if you are concerned, to contact your original installer or an MCS accredited installer that is also a member of a consumer body for advice.
EVO Energy Solutions are not registered with MCS. You can search for an MCS accredited installer here.
EVO Energy Solutions should NOT be confused with EvoEnergy Ltd, who are an MCS certified Installer (NIC2071) who have been trading since 2007.
It isn’t evident where EVO Energy Solutions have drawn the data from for their direct mail out. If you have concerns over the use of your data, we would advise that you notify the ICO.
If you’d like to escalate a complaint, please report the incident to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06. The MCS Compliance Team have been liaising closely with Trading Standards on this case.
This has been shared with their investigation team.

The original feature can be found at the MCS web site.

UPDATE – Also can be found on The Mirror web site https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/beware-offers-free-service-your-21342270

evo energy solutions scam
evo energy solutions scam

10 thoughts on “Evo Energy Solutions Scam

  1. Lawrence M says:

    I received one of these letters today. Identical – the barcode was the same as was ‘Our Ref’. It was just addressed to ‘Homeowner’.

    Pretty clearly a scam – anyone offering to do work ‘free of charge’ is not doing it for your benefit – how could a business survive by not charging for work? In the end, I suspect, they will either sell you a new inverter (which you wouldn’t need) or sell you a maintenance contract (that again you wouldn’t need).

    • MG says:

      We also received the exact same letter. I quick check online and I can see my doubts were well founded.

      I have only recently moved into my property and the letter has made me wonder how often the panels/inverter should be serviced (by an appropriate body). Is it yearly like your boiler? And is it standard that the listed MCS accredited installers also do servicing?

      • admin says:

        From a MCS guidelines point of view it is once every three years. However, most people don’t bother. In your case, as you have just moved in, it might be worth having someone have a look especially at the DC cables under the panels. They can fray or get nibbled by squirels, rats, birds.

        Hope this helps.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lawrence. You have hit the nail on the head. They intend to sell you something. Please also be aware that I have personally come across these types of companies actually turning off a customers system and then telling the customer it is not working.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Cathie Clohessy says:

    Thank you Lawrence and Admin. I received a letter as described and thought it might be a scam – the word FREE gave it away for me! We have also received telephone calls about booking an inspection on our solar panels and inverter. Needless to say we declined on each occasion. As our solar panels are still working, in that we still receive FIT payments each quarter, it seemed to be unnecessary. I’m so glad I checked and will now tear up the letter and file it in the bin. Thanks again.

  4. Anthony Hooton says:

    Just received a letter. Any reputable company would check the letter very carefully for spelling mistakes. There was one on the last letter I received in the address and on this one they have spelt Millennium incorrectly. Always worth a quick search on Companies House as well which shows the Ltd. Company was only set up in April 2019 and there is no filing history, one director and no company secretary.
    Fortunately my system is relatively easy to see at low level but having Enecsys micro inverters I will have a problem if they go wrong as they went out of business. The monitor system won’t work with a mix of inverters, if one can you mix them that is.

    Thanks to all above for the useful comments.

  5. Teresa Sequeira says:

    I got the same letter as above, thank you for your answers and highlighting the scam. Thankfully I googled but I’d hate to think some letter that arrived through my letterbox might target people who haven’t read this, is there anyway of stopping them or reporting these letters?

  6. David Ellis says:

    I received my letter from Evo Energy Solutions and thought it wise to check it out. I am glad that I did this.
    However, the letter has reminded me that it might be wise to have my solar pv system checked out some time, to check whether it is functioning as well as it should.
    My system was installed about five years ago and is managed by Eon, but I am with Octopus now.
    I seem to be generating about the same energy now as when it was installed.
    Is there any point in having it checked out or is it best to leave well alone?

  7. Mark Sayers says:

    Thanks to all above for your helpful comments. I received the identical letter last August and as my solar panel provider has gone into liquidation was about to contact these rogues. Just as well that I checked them out first. As Lawrence & Cathie point out the word FREE gives the game away. Now in the process of contacting a reputable company to take over the maintenance of my solar panels.

    • admin says:

      Glad we help save another individual from getting ripped of.
      Let me know if there is anything we can help you with.

      All the best,

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