EcoFlow PowerOcean – Home Solar Battery Solution

EcoFlow PowerOcean. We take reliability seriously, for every single battery

Fireproof, weatherproof for 6000 whole life cycles, with robust LFP battery chemistry. With the BMS module integrated into every pack, the malfunction of one battery doesn’t even hinder the rest.

Reliable Power Independence. Made Tangible.

Up to 6kW Output Backup Power

The EcoFlow PowerOcean equips you with up to 6kW of continuous off-grid power. Independence isn’t just about energy; it’s about continuity during power outages, getting all essential home appliances backed up at once, and ensuring an uninterrupted lifestyle. Feel the power of independence.

Bypass Circuit to Secure Stable Power Supply

If the inverter detects dysfunction, it will switch to the bypass mode, allowing grid power to flow through instead.

Uncompromising Efficiency. Steady Performance.

90V MPPT Charger Controller

Experience uncompromised efficiency across all weather conditions. With PowerOcean’s built-in 90V MPPT charge controller, you can expect superior performance, day in and day out.

Remotely scheduled OTA updates anytime

Without interrupting the power system.

Our Foundation. Your Peace of Mind.

Battery Management System

Our intelligent BMS ensures each unit operates safely by avoiding overcurrent and overcharging.

Fire Prevention Module

Integrated fire extinguisher systems provide extra protection, activating when batteries overheat.

Auto Heating Module

PowerOcean preserves battery performance and lifespan by maintaining an optimal temperature.

Effortlessly Scalable. Unquestionably PowerOcean.

Start Small.

Kickstart from 1 Battery.

Built-in DC-DC converter in each battery pack allows our single-phase hybrid inverter to operate with even one pack simply.

Your Energy Needs.

Your Call.

Start with a single 5kWh battery pack, up to 15kWh, and watch your power solution expand alongside your needs.

Old Batteries.
New Life.

Mixing different battery capacities can be risky. PowerOcean’s advanced paralleled connection allows you to add new batteries perfectly with existing units.