Why Solar Energy Is Great For The Environment

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Solar energy is a renewable and unlimited source of energy that is growing in popularity here in the UK and around the world. When utilising solar energy, no by-products or polluting gases are produced, and, while it does take an initial investment to build a solar energy system, it can effectively cut down on long-term energy costs. But solar energy is about more than saving money. When you go solar, you will contribute to keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Here are some ways that solar energy is great for the environment:

Lower Water Usages- in many areas, the excessive use of ground water has caused many environmental issues. Certain types of power plants use huge quantities of ground water to cool off their massive generators. With solar energy, only a small amount of water is needed to clean the panel. By reducing dependence on conventional electricity production, there’s less need to build new power plants.

No Pollution – when solar energy is produced, there’s no emissions of by-product gasses that threaten our environment and our health. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane are common emissions of conventional power generation. People who live near power plants and industrial areas are more prone to respiratory problems.

Slow Climate Change – carbon dioxide and methane are major contributors of climate change. These gasses make our atmosphere warmer. The higher levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is a well proven fact and it correlates to the increasingly warmer atmosphere. Increasing use of solar energy cuts down on the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Reduced Carbon Footprint- solar energy is sustainable, efficient and clean. Carbon dioxide is produced by conventional power plants and also when you use electricity. Solar power system has no carbon emissions whatsoever. Depending on your peak electricity requirement and the capacity of your solar power system, it’s possible to run your home without conventional electricity from your local power plant. Even if you could halve the use of regular electricity, it would contribute significantly in reducing the carbon footprint of your household.

In a conventional power plant, for each kWh produced, more than 72 grams of carbon dioxide is released. The production activity of a solar power system also has its own carbon footprint, but it’s just a one-time emission. Throughout its operational use, the solar power system has zero carbon footprint.

It’s important to choose a responsible manufacturer of solar power systems that minimises carbon footprint and handles toxic materials properly. There’s a reason why massive quantities of carbon was concentrated and trapped under the surface of our planet. This keeps our Earth at an acceptable temperature to allow life to thrive. Extracting and using fossil fuels reverses the natural flow of Earth.

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