UK Parliament: A healthy future – there are no jobs on a dead planet

Dear Family, Friends and Fellow human beings!

As many of you will know, I have been campaigning against climate change, and writing a blog, for more than a year.

It all started when I became a grandmother for the first time; & felt compelled to try to ‘make a difference’ for the sake of our grandson and young people everywhere.

My main work has been writing to the people behind big companies, banks and political decisions; and also sharing environmental activists’ petitions and actions.

Today I received an email  from the UK Government’s Petitions Committee, letting us know that ministers are being put under pressure to respond to the thousands of people (I was one of them) angry about the exams results disaster.

That made me think – we need to also get angry about the time being wasted. All these young people, and all of us, deserve a new, green world. Anyway, I hope you haven’t switched off by now….

I hope you will feel you’d like to sign the petition I’ve started. And share if possible…?

“UK Parliament: A healthy future – there are no jobs on a dead planet”

The first goal is to reach a modest 100 signatures. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thanks very much,

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