Renewable Energy Update

This year it was announced that nearly a quarter of all our electricity was being generated by renewable energy sources.

So in that respect 2017 has been a record breaking year however some people believed that when the feed in tariff was reduced massively in 2016 that it spelled the end for solar panels in particular.

Whilst there was an initial slow down in the sector government figures prove that in fact the opposite has happened and there has been a huge resurgence in solar energy.

One of the reasons for this may be that energy storage has become main stream with more and more people opting to store their unused solar energy. The stored energy that has been generated by their solar system is now available to use day and night. This of course means that the solar array is working more efficiently for the home owner meaning a greater reduction in domestic energy bills whilst keeping the original Feed In Tariff payments the same.

2018 will be an even better year as the trend towards cleaner greener renewable energy continues. The technology is now also freely available at a reasonable cost to take a property completely off grid. More information about this opportunity to follow.

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