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One of the largest off grid residential installations in Lincolnshire.

Victron Quattro
off grid solar
victron off grid
victron off grid
victron off grid

Victron Off Grid Solar.

Today we completed the second stage of three for one of the largest new build off grid residential properties in Lincolnshire.

Stage 1: Integrate 22.5KvA Hyundai generator with a 15KvA Victron Quattro and auto switch. This allows the customer to power his sheds, stables, security systems and gates without having the generator running 24/7.

Stage 2: Add 6Kw of Canadian Mono Solar to reduce dependancy on the diesel generator. If Mother Nature shines on us then the Hyundai will not be needed.

Stage 3: Install circa 50Kw solar and 60KvA Victron Quattro system + 100Kwh storage.

Images show stage one and two. Stage three to be completed summer of 2018 when property at first fix stage.

It has been a real pleasure working on this project and once again Geoff and his team go beyond what is normally expected.

The customer is also a diamond and a pleasure to deal with and appreciates the local, professional service we offer.


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