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The Dogs Trust, The Solar People

As a company we at The Solar People decided we would donate to certain charities. One of the charities we choose is The Dogs Trust as we are animal lovers and dogs are especially close to our hearts.

Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. They do an amazing job, receive no government money and rely entirely on donations.

So now to choose which dog to sponsor. Three pages of hairy little faces all looking hopefully from the screen at you. An impossible task not helped by having tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Take a look at the dogs trust sponsor site and you will see what i mean.

Eventually though I decided not just on one dog but on a group of dogs called the Oakfield Oldies. These seemed very appropriate as one year ago to the day we lost our very elderly old boy Becks (18 years old). He was an amazing character and our best friend.

The Oakfield Oldies live at the Shrewsbury dogs trust centre. As they are aged 8 years and above many of them would be too old to go into kennels so live together in a cottage at the centre where they are loved and cared for as they wait to be re homed.

Many of the Oldies are in the centre because their owners have sadly passed away or have become too ill to take care of their pet. It is hard to imagine what these poor old pooches are going through when they can no longer live in the home they have been used to all their lives. We will be getting regular updates via Dogs Trust and will keep you all informed.


Visit the Dogs Trust web site and become a sponsor.

The Dogs Trust, The Solar People

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