Climate Change – The Facts

David Attenborough climate change the facts
David Attenborough climate change the facts
If we can rely on David Attenborough for one thing it would be to tell us the truth about a subject no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be . His soothing voice lulls us into a sense of false security before he hits us with the alarming information that we would rather not be hearing. But in his latest program Climate Change – The Facts, he should not have been shocking anyone because most of us know and accept the facts that our climate is changing and that we are largely responsible.
Only if you are Donald Trump, Nigel Lawson or one of the other ostriches can you fail to see for yourself that the signs are all there. It’s just that sir David has a way of putting the science before us in a way that is undeniable wether or not we like it.
As David quite rightly says though, there is hope but we have to act now and we can all play our part by using greener energy that will make a huge difference to climate change. Solar Energy together with energy storage is something we should all be thinking about as one of the changes we can make.
I hope that with David Attenborough putting his weight behind this issue as he did with plastics it will have a greater impact on how we all think about how we can make a difference . Go to the BBC to see more or Unearthed to see Sir David speak. by Jules Oliver

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