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Battery storage called into action as UK suffers country-wide power cuts

Battery storage assets were called into action last week after the UK suffered country-wide power outages following a transmission system stress event.  Last Friday evening (9 August 2019), two large generators were disconnected from the UK’s power system almost simultaneously, effectively taking 2GW worth of electricity generation within minutes of each other.  That collapse in […]

Dogs Trust – Oakfield Oldies December 2017

This year we have been sponsoring a group of elderly pooches through the great animal welfare charity Dogs Trust. The Oakfield Oldies as they are known have sent us lovely letters and updates all year round letting us know how they are getting on. The Oldies like all the other dogs in their care are […]

Renewable Energy Update

This year it was announced that nearly a quarter of all our electricity was being generated by renewable energy sources. So in that respect 2017 has been a record breaking year however some people believed that when the feed in tariff was reduced massively in 2016 that it spelled the end for solar panels in […]